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Our Story

The continuation of third Generation in Wood Industry

Hamza Enterprises is a long-established wood processing company of Pakistan origin with very strong roots in Central and Eastern Punjab, especially Lahore. Wood is our passion. We produce high-quality wood products for industrial customers all over the country. We take our social responsibility seriously, support a sustainable wood processing industry, and have implemented a comprehensive action plan for this purpose.

Family Managed Company:

A passion for wood and commitment to the business are the foundation of Hamza Enterprises’ philosophy. What began forty years ago, initially in the saw mill, has now evolved beyond the local timber trade to encompass a much more comprehensive wood trading operation. New standards are continuously being implemented in the domain of engineering, product innovation and construction timber. Meanwhile the third generation of the Hamza Enterprises family retains overall management of the company and furthermore maintains their predecessors’ original inspiration for the product. A passion for wood and an entrepreneurial commitment is the ethos of the Hamza Enterprises Company. Thereby is ensured that the name of Hamza Enterprises shall forever remain what it symbolizes today: that is the byword for the highest quality wood. Hamza Enterprises senior Ibrahim Shad turned his passion for wood into a profession during the 1980s. This passion is already being experienced by the next generation of the family in the vision, innovation and enormous commitment of all its staff.


Ibrahim Shad, CEO

With his 35+ business experience in wood Industry Mr Ibrahim Shad
is one of the most competitive wood individual quite known in Pakistan's wood market place. Served with Government institutions as well as different private sectors.

Our Expert Team

Meet our directors, Hamza Enterprises each individual holds a responsibility to fulfill and complete his role for the betterment of our company and our clients.


Ahmed Ibrahim, COO

Cheif Operating Officer, The nimble-witted Ahmed Ibrahim
known for his quick and savvy decision making power and operating this generations old family business making no mistakes at all.


Hamza Ibrahim, CBO

Chief Business Development Officer, Following his father's footsteps Hamza Ibrahim
has earned his place in different international and advance level of wood entrepreneurship.


Muhammad Bin Ibrahim, CMO

Cheif Management Officer, Mr. Muhammad has stepped in the business following footsteps of his family and took control of the warehouse management of the company